A rare find...

Ethical model in Washington, D.C.

I'm sure you've taken a long, exhausted breath after walking through the Smithsonian district to reach your favorite monument. Maybe in April, you took a day to marvel at the cherry blossoms and gaze into the Potomac River. You've glanced through the exhibits in the National History Museum; perhaps you took some extra time in the National Gallery of Art to soak up the beauty in your favorite paintings and sculptures. But in all the culture you've seen in the nation's capital, you have yet to experience a girl like me.


Now I’ll introduce myself: my name is Artemis, sharing the name with Greek goddess of fertility and purity. She is one shrouded in tales of her bravery and strength; depicted in statues as a huntress, eternally beautiful. Artemis protected herself and her female companions, giving punishment to anyone who disrespected her or her nymphs. In all my sensuality, I am a strong presence that can provide a respite from daily life. Let your guard down, and I can show you the way.

You might just be in Washington, D.C. for a business trip. Whatever work you engage in during the day, I will be the part of your stay that brings you pleasure. I am the beautiful, exquisite, and delicious art exhibit you were able to experience with your full attention. Let's share the night together, and enjoy each other's true and authentic selves.


Companion, model, friend, confidante... I am everything you want me to be. 



There is a legal disclaimer highlighting the boundaries of my service linked to the bottom of this page. Any persons or entities contacting me for my modeling services will be confined by the definitions of my legal disclaimer.



Electronic music

Gifts in the form of classic literature, early editions

New lingerie by Studio Pia, Bordelle, and Paul Seville (34-26-36)

Emotional Connection

A tasty French Merlot

The top 1%

Tardiness without fair warning


Receiving vulgar or entitled text messages without a proper introduction

Honey sold in supermarkets