Washington, D.C.

Northern Virginia

Baltimore, MD

Philadelphia, PA

New York, NY

Your out-call should be at an upscale (4 or 5 stars) hotel or resort. I do not travel to private residences for first meetings.


Closer . . . 1 hour

Light My Fire . . . 2 hours

Stairway to Heaven . . . 3 hours

Fade Into You . . . 4 hours

Hallelujah . . . 5 hours

Moondance . . . 6 hours

Hotel California . . . Overnight

US  $600

US  $1,100

US  $1,600

US  $2,100

US  $2,600

US $3,000

US $5,000

 Plane, train, and Uber costs must be provided by you.


My private incall is located in NW Washington, D.C. at which I am regularly available... if we are meeting for the first time, booking an out-call date is required.

I can also be available for incall dates in Richmond, VA. Email me for inquiries.




Pre-booking at least 48 hours ahead is preferred. I'm a busy girl, so I like to plan ahead and organize my extracurricular activities. I can be available for same-night engagements if my schedule allows.


Screening is mandatory. Please refer to my contact page to fill out the screening form.