Washington, D.C.

Northern Virginia

Richmond, VA

Baltimore, MD

Philadelphia, PA

Your out-call should be at an upscale (4 or 5 stars) hotel or resort. I do not travel to private residences for first meetings.


Closer . . . 1 hour

Light My Fire . . . 2 hours

Stairway to Heaven . . . 3 hours

Fade Into You . . . 4 hours

Hallelujah . . . 5 hours

Moondance . . . 6 hours

Hotel California . . . Overnight

US  $600

US  $1,100

US  $1,600

US  $2,100

US  $2,600

US $3,000

US $5,000

FMTY (Fly Me To You)  bookings are always available! I'd love to visit you. Email me with inquiries.


I have limited incall availability depending on my schedule; please email me to book. 

Downtown AirBnb or hotel accommodations will be shared with you.

Book in advance to ensure our time together. I'd hate to miss out on meeting you!




Pre-booking at least 48 hours ahead is mandatory. I’m a full-time student with a day job, so I need to plan ahead and organize my schedule for our extracurricular activities. I can make myself available almost anytime of the week as long as I have enough time to plan. Please refer to my contact page to fill out the screening form.